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At SRE we believe that the enriching bond we share with our clients, employees and business associates is what sets us apart. Our aim is to develop a personal relationship with all our people to ensure that we keep moving ahead and growing together.


Chandresh Lakdawala - Business Associate with Sykes & Ray Equities since 2004
I've been associated with SRE since the year 2004. SRE is like my family and it's my final destination. SRE has always supported me completely and it's due to their support that I have 45 branch offices spread across all of Gujrat.

Sunny Sebastian - Business Associate with Sykes & Ray Equities since 1997
We had a great crash of the share markets in 1998. At that time most of the Sub-Brokers from Vashi vanished from the scene. Anup Bhai saw it important enough to come down personally from Colaba to Vashi and he tried to understand my problems and gave me full support. It was this support that actually gave me the confidence to stand during those difficult times.

Cyrus Marfatia - Business Associate with Sykes & Ray Equities since 1997
I've been associated with SRE since 1997 and they have been with me through all the ups and downs in the financial markets. I'm thoroughly impressed with their integrity and way of working and I'm very proud to be associated with Sykes & Ray Equities.

Mukund Sabu - Business Associate with Sykes & Ray Equities since 2004
I've been with SRE since 2004 and my experience with SRE has been like working with a family.

Jignesh Kanakia - Business Associate with Sykes & Ray Equities since 1999
In the year 2008 the market crashed like anything, at that time Anup Bhai and Yogesh Bhai gave us personal attention and we were saved at the front of the client as well as wealth of the people was saved because they supported us in a huge manner.


K K Varma - Head of Depository
At SRE I've had the opportunity to learn something new and different everyday.

Sidhant Prabhu - Head of Client Relationship Management
I've been with Sykes & Ray Equities since 2003 and the management has given me enough exposure in areas that I could never explore in my earlier companies.

Suman Agarwal - Compliance Consultant
SRE is like a family. Over the years people associated with SRE have enjoyed unexpected growth in their professional as well as personal lives along with the growth of the company.

Sudhir Marathe - Head of Accounts
Generally if you see in the market, F & O share's turnover is far greater than the cash market's. But in our company the cash market turnover is actually more than F & O turnover. This clearly shows that we've never encouraged speculation and always encourage our clients to invest for long term.


Tejas Kashyap - Client of Sykes & Ray Equities
The investment advice I've received from SRE's research desk has always been spot on. They are truly committed to ensuring protection and growth of their client's wealth. Thus at SRE me and my investments feel safe and secure.

Iqbal Kherodawala - Client of Sykes & Ray Financial Planners
For me investing meant applying traditional thinking where I felt that no one could guide me better than my own self. But having worked with SRE and its dedicated team of advisors I've realized that investment is a lot more than just traditional thinking. Moreover I can also see the returns because not only am I enjoying my investments but the returns ensure that I keep on smiling.

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