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Search for a Mutual Fund Scheme by specifying any of the following criteria. This is useful when you know the fund house, the type or category of the scheme.
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Search for a Mutual Fund Scheme by specifying a keyword or a few characters. You can ask to search in the Mutual Fund Name, the Scheme Name, the Option Name or any of them. You can also specify whether the Name should begin with the characters or can contain the characters. This search is useful when you know a keyword in the name.
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Franklin IndSavPl DP-Growth Franklin IndSavPl DP-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin IndSavPl DP-Dividend-Monthly
Franklin IndSavPl DP-Dividend-Daily Franklin IndSavPl IP-Dividend Franklin IndSavPl IP-Dividend-Reinvestment
Franklin IndSavPluRP-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin IndSavPluRP-Monthly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin IndSavPluRP-Dividend
Franklin IndSavPluRP-Dividend-Monthly Franklin IndSavPluRP-Dividend-Daily Franklin IndSavPlus-Growth
Franklin FMPS1 A-Growth Franklin FMPS1 A-Dividend Franklin FMPS1 A-Dividend-Quarterly
Franklin FMPS1 A DP-Growth Franklin FMPS1 A DP-Dividend Franklin FMPS1 A DP-Dividend-Quarterly
Franklin FMPS1 B-Growth Franklin FMPS1 B-Dividend Franklin FMPS1 B-Dividend-Quarterly
Franklin FMPS1 B DP-Growth Franklin FMPS1 B DP-Dividend Franklin FMPS1 B DP-Dividend-Quarterly
Franklin FMPS1 C-Growth Franklin FMPS1 C-Dividend Franklin FMPS1 C-Dividend-Quarterly
Franklin FMPS1 C DP-Growth Franklin FMPS1 C DP-Dividend Franklin FMPS1 C DP-Dividend-Quarterly
Franklin MIP Plan A-Quarterly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin MIP Plan A-Monthly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin MIP Plan A-Growth
Franklin MIP Plan A-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin MIP Plan A-Dividend-Monthly Franklin MIP PlanADP-Growth
Franklin MIP PlanADP-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin MIP PlanADP-Dividend-Monthly Franklin Bank&PSU DP-Growth
Franklin Bank&PSU DP-Dividend Franklin Banking&PSU-Growth Franklin Banking&PSU-Dividend
Franklin Banking&PSU-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin CorBndOppDP-Growth Franklin CorBndOppDP-Dividend
Franklin Corp BondOp-Growth Franklin Corp BondOp-Dividend Franklin Corp BondOp-Dividend-Reinvestment
Franklin DyAccrual-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin DyAccrual-Growth Franklin DyAccrual-Dividend
Franklin DyAccrualDP-Growth Franklin DyAccrualDP-Dividend Franklin IBA Plan A-Growth
Franklin IBA Plan A-Dividend Franklin IBA Plan A-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin IBA Plan A.-Dividend-Half Yearly
Franklin IBA Plan A.-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin IBA Plan A.-Dividend-Monthly Franklin IBA PlanB-Growth
Franklin IBA PlanB-Dividend Franklin IBA PlanB-Dividend-Annual Franklin IBAPlanA DP-Growth
Franklin IBAPlanA DP-Dividend-Annual Franklin IBAPlanA DP-Dividend-Half Yearly Franklin IBAPlanA DP-Dividend-Quarterly
Franklin IBAPlanA DP-Dividend-Monthly Franklin Income Opp-Growth Franklin Income Opp-Dividend
Franklin Income Opp-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin IncomeOppDP-Growth Franklin IncomeOppDP-Dividend
Franklin Low Duratio-Growth Franklin Low Duratio-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin Low Duratio-Quarterly Dividend Reinvestment
Franklin Low Duratio-Monthly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin Low Duratio-Dividend-Monthly Franklin LowDura DP-Growth
Franklin LowDura DP-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin LowDura DP-Dividend-Monthly Franklin STIF-Growth
Franklin STIF-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin STIF-Dividend-Monthly Franklin STIF-Dividend-Weekly
Franklin STIF-Quarterly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin STIF-Monthly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin STIF DP-Growth
Franklin STIF DP-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin STIF DP-Dividend-Monthly Franklin STIF DP-Dividend-Weekly
Franklin STIF IP-Quarterly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin STIF IP-Growth Franklin STIF IP-Dividend-Monthly
Franklin UltraShB SI-Growth Franklin UltraShB SI-Dividend-Weekly Franklin UltraShB SI-Dividend-Daily
Franklin UltraShBnIP-Growth Franklin UltraShBnIP-Dividend-Weekly Franklin UltraShBnIP-Dividend-Daily
Franklin UltraShBnRe-Weekly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin UltraShBnRe-Growth Franklin UltraShBnRe-Dividend-Weekly
Franklin UltraShBnRe-Dividend-Daily Franklin UltraShBoDP-Growth Franklin UltraShBoDP-Dividend-Weekly
Franklin UltraShBoDP-Dividend-Daily Franklin AsianEq DP-Growth Franklin AsianEq DP-Dividend
Franklin AsianEquity-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin AsianEquity-Growth Franklin AsianEquity-Dividend
Franklin Bluechip DP-Growth Franklin Bluechip DP-Dividend Franklin BluechipDiv-Dividend
Franklin BluechipDiv-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin BluechipGr-Growth Franklin Build-Growth
Franklin Build-Dividend Franklin Build-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin Build DP-Growth
Franklin Build DP-Dividend Franklin Flexi Cap-Growth Franklin Flexi Cap-Dividend
Franklin Flexi Cap-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin Flexi CapDP-Growth Franklin Flexi CapDP-Dividend
Franklin High Gr Com-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin High Gr Com-Growth Franklin High Gr Com-Dividend
Franklin HighGrComDP-Growth Franklin HighGrComDP-Dividend Franklin Opportun DP-Growth
Franklin Opportun DP-Dividend Franklin Opportuniti-Growth Franklin Opportuniti-Dividend
Franklin Opportuniti-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin Prima-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin Prima-Growth
Franklin Prima-Dividend Franklin Prima DP-Growth Franklin Prima DP-Dividend
Franklin Prima Plus-Growth Franklin Prima Plus-Dividend Franklin Prima Plus-Dividend-Reinvestment
Franklin PrimaPlusDP-Growth Franklin PrimaPlusDP-Dividend Franklin SmalCom DP-Growth
Franklin SmalCom DP-Dividend Franklin SmallerComp-Growth Franklin SmallerComp-Dividend
Franklin SmallerComp-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin Taxshield-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin Taxshield-Growth
Franklin Taxshield-Dividend Franklin TaxshieldDP-Growth Franklin TaxshieldDP-Dividend
Franklin Balanced-Growth Franklin Balanced-Dividend Franklin Balanced-Dividend-Reinvestment
Franklin Balanced DP-Growth Franklin Balanced DP-Dividend Franklin IndexNSE-Growth
Franklin IndexNSE-Dividend Franklin IndexNSE-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin IndexNSE DP-Growth
Franklin IndexNSE DP-Dividend Franklin TechnologDP-Growth Franklin TechnologDP-Dividend
Franklin Technology-Growth Franklin Technology-Dividend Franklin Technology-Dividend-Reinvestment
Franklin DynPE FoF-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin DynPE FoF-Growth Franklin DynPE FoF-Dividend
Franklin DynPEFoF DP-Growth Franklin DynPEFoF DP-Dividend Franklin Feeder FEG-Growth
Franklin Feeder FEG-Dividend Franklin Feeder FEG-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin FeederFEGDP-Growth
Franklin FeederFEGDP-Dividend Franklin FFr USOpp-Growth Franklin FFr USOpp-Dividend
Franklin FFr USOpp-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin FFr USOppDP-Growth Franklin FFr USOppDP-Dividend
Franklin IndMulti-Growth Franklin IndMulti-Dividend Franklin IndMulti-Dividend-Reinvestment
Franklin IndMulti DP-Growth Franklin IndMulti DP-Dividend Franklin LS FoF 20s-Growth
Franklin LS FoF 20s-Dividend Franklin LS FoF 30s-Growth Franklin LS FoF 30s-Dividend
Franklin LS FoF 40s-Growth Franklin LS FoF 40s-Dividend Franklin LS FoF 50sF-Growth
Franklin LS FoF 50sF-Dividend Franklin LS FoF 50sP-Growth Franklin LS FoF 50sP-Dividend
Franklin LSFoF20s DP-Growth Franklin LSFoF20s DP-Dividend Franklin LSFoF30s DP-Growth
Franklin LSFoF30s DP-Dividend Franklin LSFoF40s DP-Growth Franklin LSFoF40s DP-Dividend
Franklin LSFoF50s DP-Growth Franklin LSFoF50s DP-Dividend Franklin LSFoF50sFDP-Growth
Franklin LSFoF50sFDP-Dividend FI GovtSec PF DP-Growth Franklin GovtSec Com-Dividend-Reinvestment
Franklin GovtSec Com-Growth Franklin GovtSec Com-Dividend Franklin GovtSec LTP-Growth
Franklin GovtSec LTP-Dividend Franklin GovtSec LTP-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin GovtSec PF-Dividend-Reinvestment
Franklin GovtSec PF-Growth Franklin GovtSec PF-Dividend Franklin GovtSecLTDP-Growth
Franklin GovtSecLTDP-Dividend-Quarterly Franklin GovtSeComDP-Growth Franklin GovtSeComDP-Dividend-Quarterly
Franklin CashManagAc-Growth Franklin CashManagAc-Dividend Franklin CashMangADP-Growth
Franklin CashMangADP-Dividend Franklin TMA-Monthly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin TMA-Growth
Franklin TMA-Dividend-Weekly Franklin TMA-Dividend-Daily Franklin TMA DP-Growth
Franklin TMA DP-Dividend-Weekly Franklin TMA DP-Dividend-Daily Franklin TMA IP-Growth
Franklin TMA IP-Dividend-Weekly Franklin TMA IP-Dividend-Daily Franklin TMA IP-Weekly Dividend Reinvestment
Franklin TMA RP-Weekly Dividend Reinvestment Franklin TMA RP-Growth Franklin TMA RP-Dividend-Weekly
Franklin TMA RP-Dividend-Daily Franklin TMA UncDiv-Growth Franklin TMA UncRed-Growth
Franklin Pension Div-Dividend-Reinvestment Franklin Pension Div-Dividend Franklin Pension DP-Growth
Franklin Pension DP-Dividend Franklin Pension Gr-Growth