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Search for a Mutual Fund Scheme by specifying any of the following criteria. This is useful when you know the fund house, the type or category of the scheme.
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2. Search by a Keyword
Search for a Mutual Fund Scheme by specifying a keyword or a few characters. You can ask to search in the Mutual Fund Name, the Scheme Name, the Option Name or any of them. You can also specify whether the Name should begin with the characters or can contain the characters. This search is useful when you know a keyword in the name.
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Kotak MoneyMarket DP-Growth Kotak MoneyMarket DP-Dividend-Monthly Kotak MoneyMarket DP-Dividend-Weekly
Kotak MoneyMarket DP-Dividend-Daily Kotak MoneyMarket RP-Growth Kotak MoneyMarket RP-Dividend-Monthly
Kotak MoneyMarket RP-Dividend-Weekly Kotak MoneyMarket RP-Dividend-Daily Kotak Savings-Growth
Kotak Savings-Dividend-Monthly Kotak Savings-Dividend-Weekly Kotak Savings-Dividend-Daily
kotak Savings DP-Growth kotak Savings DP-Dividend-Monthly kotak Savings DP-Dividend-Weekly
kotak Savings DP-Dividend-Daily Kotak FMP S - 127-Growth Kotak FMP S - 127-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 127 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 127 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 181-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 181-Growth Kotak FMP S - 181 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 181 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 182-Growth Kotak FMP S - 182-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 182 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 182 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 183-Growth Kotak FMP S - 183-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 183 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 185-Growth Kotak FMP S - 185-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 185 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 186-Growth Kotak FMP S - 186-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 186 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 187-Growth Kotak FMP S - 187-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 187 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 189-Growth Kotak FMP S - 189-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 189 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 189 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 190-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 190-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 190 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 190 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 191-Growth Kotak FMP S - 191-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 191 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 192-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 192-Growth Kotak FMP S - 192 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 193-Growth Kotak FMP S - 193-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 193 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 194-Growth Kotak FMP S - 194-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 194 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 196-Growth Kotak FMP S - 196-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 196 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 199-Growth Kotak FMP S - 199-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 199 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 200-Growth Kotak FMP S - 200-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 200 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 200 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 202-Growth Kotak FMP S - 202-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 202 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 202 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 203-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 203-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 203 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 203 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 204-Growth Kotak FMP S - 204-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 204 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 204 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 210-Growth Kotak FMP S - 210-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 210 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 210 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 211-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 211-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 211 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 211 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 212-Growth Kotak FMP S - 212-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 212 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 212 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 213-Growth Kotak FMP S - 213-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 213 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 213 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 214-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 214-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 214 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 214 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 215-Growth Kotak FMP S - 215-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 215 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 215 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 216-Growth Kotak FMP S - 216-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 216 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 216 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 217-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 217-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 217 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 217 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 219-Growth Kotak FMP S - 219-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 219 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 219 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 220-Growth Kotak FMP S - 220-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 220 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 220 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 221-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 221-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 221 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 221 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 223-Growth Kotak FMP S - 223-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 223 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 223 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 224-Growth Kotak FMP S - 224-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 224 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 224 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 225-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 225-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 225 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 225 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 226-Growth Kotak FMP S - 226-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 226 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 226 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 228-Growth Kotak FMP S - 228-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 228 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 228 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 230-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 230-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 230 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 230 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 232-Growth Kotak FMP S - 232-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 232 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 232 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 233-Growth Kotak FMP S - 233-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 233 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 233 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 234-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 234-Growth Kotak FMP S - 234 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 234 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 235-Growth Kotak FMP S - 235-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 235 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 235 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 237-Growth Kotak FMP S - 237-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 237 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 237 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 239-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 239-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 239 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 239 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 240-Growth Kotak FMP S - 240-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 240 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 240 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 242-Growth Kotak FMP S - 242-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 242 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 242 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 243-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 243-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 243 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 243 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 245-Growth Kotak FMP S - 245-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 245 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 245 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 246-Growth Kotak FMP S - 246-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 246 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 246 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 247-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 247-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 247 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 247 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 248-Growth Kotak FMP S - 248-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 248 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 248 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 249-Growth Kotak FMP S - 249-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 249 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 249 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 250-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 250-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 250 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 250 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 251-Growth Kotak FMP S - 251-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 251 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 251 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 252-Growth Kotak FMP S - 252-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 252 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 252 DP-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 253-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 253-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 253 DP-Growth Kotak FMP S - 253 DP-Dividend
Kotak FMP S - 254-Growth Kotak FMP S - 254-Dividend Kotak FMP S - 254 DP-Growth
Kotak FMP S - 254 DP-Dividend Kotak CPO S2-Growth Kotak CPO S2-Dividend
Kotak CPO S2 DP-Growth Kotak CPO S2 DP-Dividend Kotak CPO S3-Growth
Kotak CPO S3-Dividend Kotak CPO S3 DP-Growth Kotak CPO S4-Growth
Kotak CPO S4-Dividend Kotak CPO S4 DP-Growth Kotak CPO S4 DP-Dividend
Kotak Debt Hybrid DP-Growth Kotak Debt Hybrid DP-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak Debt Hybrid DP-Dividend-Monthly
Kotak Debt Hybrid RP-Growth Kotak Debt Hybrid RP-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak Debt Hybrid RP-Dividend-Monthly
Kotak Banking & PSU-Growth Kotak Banking & PSU-Dividend-Monthly Kotak Bnking&PSU DP-Growth
Kotak Bnking&PSU DP-Dividend-Monthly Kotak Bond-Growth Kotak Bond-Dividend-Annual
Kotak Bond-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak Bond-Dividend-Half Yearly Kotak Bond DP-Growth
Kotak Bond DP-Dividend-Annual Kotak Bond DP-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak DynamicBondDP-Growth
Kotak DynamicBondDP-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak DynamicBondDP-Dividend-Monthly Kotak DynamicBondRP-Dividend-Monthly
Kotak DynamicBondRP-Growth Kotak DynamicBondRP-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak Medium Term-Growth
Kotak Medium Term-Dividend-Annual Kotak Medium Term-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak Medium Term DP-Growth
Kotak Medium Term DP-Dividend-Annual Kotak Medium Term DP-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak QtrInterva S12-Growth
Kotak QtrInterva S12-Dividend Kotak QtrInterva12DP-Growth Kotak QtrInterva12DP-Dividend
Kotak YrlInterva S1-Growth Kotak YrlInterva S1-Dividend Kotak YrlInterva1DP-Growth
Kotak YrlInterva1DP-Dividend Kotak Bond STP-Dividend Kotak Bond STP DP-Growth
Kotak Bond STP DP-Dividend Kotak Bond STP DP-Dividend-Half Yearly Kotak Bond STP DP-Dividend-Monthly
Kotak Bond STP.-Growth Kotak Bond STP.-Dividend-Half Yearly Kotak CorporatBndRP-Growth
Kotak CorporatBndRP-Dividend-Monthly Kotak CorporateBndDP-Growth Kotak CorporateBndDP-Dividend-Monthly
Kotak Credit Risk-Growth Kotak Credit Risk-Dividend-Annual Kotak Credit Risk-Dividend-Quarterly
Kotak Credit Risk-Dividend-Monthly Kotak Credit Risk-Dividend-Weekly Kotak Credit Risk DP-Growth
Kotak Credit Risk DP-Dividend-Annual Kotak Credit Risk DP-Dividend-Monthly Kotak Credit Risk DP-Dividend-Quarterly
Kotak Credit Risk DP-Dividend-Weekly Kotak Low Duration-Growth Kotak Low Duration-Dividend-Monthly
Kotak Low Duration-Dividend-Weekly Kotak Low DurationDP-Growth Kotak Low DurationDP-Dividend-Monthly
Kotak Low DurationDP-Dividend-Weekly Kotak Bluechip - DP-Growth Kotak Bluechip - DP-Dividend
Kotak Bluechip - RP-Growth Kotak Bluechip - RP-Dividend Kotak Emerging Eq DP-Growth
Kotak Emerging Eq DP-Dividend Kotak EmergingEquity-Growth Kotak EmergingEquity-Dividend
Kotak EquityOppo DP-Growth Kotak EquityOppo DP-Dividend Kotak EquityOppo RP-Growth
Kotak EquityOppo RP-Dividend Kotak GlobalEmrgM DP-Growth Kotak GlobalEmrgM DP-Dividend
Kotak GlobalEmrgMark-Growth Kotak GlobalEmrgMark-Dividend Kotak IndiaEQContr-Growth
Kotak IndiaEQContr-Dividend Kotak IndiaEQContrDP-Growth Kotak IndiaEQContrDP-Dividend
Kotak IndiaGroFu4DP-Growth Kotak IndiaGroFu4DP-Dividend Kotak IndiaGroFu5DP-Growth
Kotak IndiaGroFu5DP-Dividend Kotak IndiaGroFu7DP-Growth Kotak IndiaGroFu7DP-Dividend
Kotak IndiaGroFun4-Growth Kotak IndiaGroFun4-Dividend Kotak IndiaGroFun5-Growth
Kotak IndiaGroFun5-Dividend Kotak IndiaGroFun7-Growth Kotak IndiaGroFun7-Dividend
Kotak Infra&EcoRe DP-Growth Kotak Infra&EcoRe DP-Dividend Kotak Infra&EcoRefor-Growth
Kotak Infra&EcoRefor-Dividend Kotak Small Cap - DP-Growth Kotak Small Cap - DP-Dividend
Kotak Small Cap - RP-Growth Kotak Small Cap - RP-Dividend Kotak StanMulticaDP-Growth
Kotak StanMulticaDP-Dividend Kotak StanMulticaRP-Growth Kotak StanMulticaRP-Dividend
Kotak Taxsaver-Growth Kotak Taxsaver-Dividend Kotak Taxsaver DP-Growth
Kotak Taxsaver DP-Dividend Kotak BalanceAdvan-Growth Kotak BalanceAdvan-Dividend
Kotak BalanceAdvanDP-Growth Kotak BalanceAdvanDP-Dividend Kotak Eq Arbitrage-Dividend-Fortnightly
Kotak Eq Arbitrage-Growth Kotak Eq Arbitrage-Dividend Kotak Eq Arbitrage-Dividend-Bimonthly
Kotak Eq Hybrid - DP-Growth Kotak Eq Hybrid - DP-Dividend Kotak Eq Hybrid - RP-Growth
Kotak Eq Hybrid - RP-Dividend Kotak Equity Savings-Growth Kotak Equity Savings-Dividend-Quarterly
Kotak Equity Savings-Dividend-Monthly Kotak EquityArbit DP-Growth Kotak EquityArbit DP-Dividend
Kotak EquityArbit DP-Dividend-Bimonthly Kotak EquityArbit DP-Dividend-Fortnightly Kotak EquitySavingDP-Growth
Kotak EquitySavingDP-Dividend-Quarterly Kotak EquitySavingDP-Dividend-Monthly Kotak Banking ETF-Dividend
Kotak Nifty ETF-Growth Kotak NV 20 ETF-Dividend Kotak PSU Bank ETF-Growth
Kotak Sensex ETF-Growth Kotak Asset Allo DP-Growth Kotak Asset Allo DP-Dividend
Kotak Asset AllocRP-Growth Kotak Asset AllocRP-Dividend Kotak Gold-Growth
Kotak Gold-Dividend Kotak Gold DP-Growth Kotak Gold DP-Dividend
Kotak US Equity-Growth Kotak US Equity-Dividend Kotak US Equity DP-Growth
Kotak US Equity DP-Dividend Kotak World Gold-Growth Kotak World Gold-Dividend
Kotak World Gold DP-Growth Kotak World Gold DP-Dividend Kotak Gilt InPF&TrDP-Growth
Kotak Gilt Inv DP-Growth Kotak Gilt Inv DP-Dividend Kotak Gilt Inv PF&Tr-Growth
Kotak Gilt Inv PF&Tr-Dividend Kotak Gilt Inv Reg-Growth Kotak Gilt Inv Reg-Dividend
Kotak Liquid Plan A-Growth Kotak Liquid Plan A-Dividend-Daily Kotak Liquid Plan A-Dividend-Weekly
Kotak Liquid PlanADP-Growth Kotak Liquid PlanADP-Dividend Kotak Liquid PlanADP-Dividend-Daily
Kotak Gold ETF-Growth