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MUTUAL-FUND Search scheme

1. Search within a Category
Search for a Mutual Fund Scheme by specifying any of the following criteria. This is useful when you know the fund house, the type or category of the scheme.
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2. Search by a Keyword
Search for a Mutual Fund Scheme by specifying a keyword or a few characters. You can ask to search in the Mutual Fund Name, the Scheme Name, the Option Name or any of them. You can also specify whether the Name should begin with the characters or can contain the characters. This search is useful when you know a keyword in the name.
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L&T Floating Rate DP-Growth L&T Floating Rate DP-Dividend-Monthly L&T Floating Rate DP-Dividend-Weekly
L&T Floating Rate DP-Dividend-Daily L&T Floating Rate RP-Growth L&T Floating Rate RP-Dividend-Monthly
L&T Floating Rate RP-Dividend-Weekly L&T Floating Rate RP-Dividend-Daily L&T FMP - SX M RP-Growth
L&T FMP - SX Q RP-Growth L&T FMP - SX R RP-Growth L&T FMP - SX S RP-Growth
L&T FMP - SX T RP-Growth L&T FMP - SXI A RP-Growth L&T FMP -S X M DP-Growth
L&T FMP -S X M DP-Dividend L&T FMP -S X Q DP-Growth L&T FMP -S X R DP-Growth
L&T FMP -S X S DP-Growth L&T FMP -S X S DP-Dividend L&T FMP -S X T DP-Growth
L&T FMP -S XI A DP-Growth L&T FMP -S XI A DP-Dividend L&T FMP SXIV A-Growth
L&T FMP SXIV A-Dividend L&T FMP SXIV A DP-Growth L&T FMP SXIV C-Growth
L&T FMP SXIV C-Dividend L&T FMP SXIV C DP-Growth L&T FMP SXIV C DP-Dividend
L&T FMPVIIAug1095ADP-Growth L&T FMPVIIAug1095DRP-Growth L&T FMPVIIAug1095DRP-Dividend
LIC FMP S92-Growth LIC FMP S92-Dividend LIC FMP S92DP-Growth
L&T MIP DP-Growth L&T MIP DP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T MIP DP-Dividend-Monthly
L&T MIP RP-Growth L&T MIP RP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T MIP RP-Dividend-Monthly
LIC CPO S2-Growth LIC CPO S2-Dividend LIC CPO S2 DP-Growth
LIC MIP-Growth LIC MIP-Dividend-Annual LIC MIP-Dividend-Quarterly
LIC MIP-Dividend-Monthly LIC MIP DP-Growth LIC MIP DP-Dividend-Annual
LIC MIP DP-Dividend-Quarterly LIC MIP DP-Dividend-Monthly L&T Flexi Bond DP-Growth
L&T Flexi Bond DP-Dividend L&T Flexi Bond DP-Dividend-Annual L&T Flexi Bond RP-Growth
L&T Flexi Bond RP-Dividend L&T Flexi Bond RP-Dividend-Annual L&T Income Opport DP-Growth
L&T Income Opport DP-Dividend L&T Income Opport DP-Dividend-Annual L&T Income Opportu-Growth
L&T Income Opportu-Dividend L&T Income Opportu-Dividend-Annual L&T Triple AceBondRP-Growth
L&T Triple AceBondRP-Dividend-Annual L&T Triple AceBondRP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T Triple AceBondRP-Bonus
L&T TripleAceBond DP-Growth L&T TripleAceBond DP-Dividend-Half Yearly L&T TripleAceBond DP-Dividend-Quarterly
L&T TripleAceBondRP.-Dividend-Half Yearly L&TResuIndCorpBondDP-Growth L&TResuIndCorpBondDP-Dividend
L&TResuIndCorpBondDP-Dividend-Annual L&TResuIndCorpBondRP-Growth L&TResuIndCorpBondRP-Dividend
L&TResuIndCorpBondRP-Dividend-Annual LIC Bond Fund-Growth LIC Bond Fund-Dividend
LIC DualAdvFTP-Growth LIC DualAdvFTP-Dividend LIC DualAdvFTP2-Growth
LIC DualAdvFTP2-Dividend LIC DualAdvFTP3-Growth LIC DualAdvFTP3-Dividend
LIC DualAFTP2DP-Growth LIC DualAFTP2DP-Dividend LIC DualAFTP3DP-Growth
LIC DualAFTP3DP-Dividend LIC DualAFTPDP-Growth LIC DualAFTPDP-Dividend
LIC Income Plus-Growth LIC Income Plus-Dividend LIC Income Plus-Dividend-Monthly
LIC Income Plus-Dividend-Weekly LIC IncoPlsDP-Growth LIC IncoPlsDP-Dividend-Monthly
LIC IncoPlsDP-Dividend-Weekly LIC IncoPlsDP-Dividend-Daily LIC IntAPS1DP-Growth
LIC InteQPS1DP-Growth LIC InteQPS1DP-Dividend LIC InteQPS2DP-Growth
LIC InteQPS2DP-Dividend LIC InterAPS1-Growth LIC InterAPS1-Dividend
LIC InterMPS1-Growth LIC InterMPS1-Dividend LIC InterQPS1-Growth
LIC InterQPS1-Dividend LIC InterQPS2-Growth LIC InterQPS2-Dividend
LIC IntMPS1DP-Growth LIC IntMPS1DP-Dividend LIC MF Bond DP-Growth
LIC MF Bond DP-Dividend L&T Bank&PSU DP-Growth L&T Bank&PSU DP-Dividend-Monthly
L&T Bank&PSU DP-Dividend-Weekly L&T Bank&PSU RP-Growth L&T Bank&PSU RP-Dividend-Monthly
L&T Bank&PSU RP-Dividend-Weekly L&T Bank&PSU RP-Dividend-Daily L&T Sh Term Inc DP-Growth
L&T Sh Term Inc DP-Dividend L&T Sh Term Inc DP-Dividend-Annual L&T Sh Term IncomeRP-Growth
L&T Sh Term IncomeRP-Dividend L&T Sh Term IncomeRP-Dividend-Annual L&T Short Term OppDP-Growth
L&T Short Term OppDP-Dividend-Annual L&T Short Term OppDP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T Short Term OppDP-Dividend-Monthly
L&T Short Term OppRP-Growth L&T Short Term OppRP-Dividend L&T Short Term OppRP-Dividend-Annual
L&T Short Term OppRP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T Short Term OppRP-Bonus L&T Ultra Short Term-Growth
L&T Ultra Short Term-Dividend L&T Ultra Short Term-Dividend-Weekly L&T Ultra Short Term-Bonus
L&T UltraShortTermDP-Growth L&T UltraShortTermDP-Dividend-Monthly L&T UltraShortTermDP-Dividend-Weekly
L&T UltraShortTermDP-Dividend-Daily L&T UltraShortTermDP-Bonus L&T UltraShTerm Ret-Dividend-Daily
L&T UltraShTerm RetG-Growth L&T UltraShTerm RetH-Dividend LIC Savings Plus-Growth
LIC Savings Plus-Dividend LIC Savings Plus-Dividend-Weekly LIC Savings Plus-Dividend-Daily
LIC SavingsDP-Growth LIC SavingsDP-Dividend-Monthly LIC SavingsDP-Dividend-Weekly
LIC SavingsDP-Dividend-Daily L&T Business Cycl DP-Growth L&T Business Cycl DP-Dividend
L&T BusinessCyclesRP-Growth L&T BusinessCyclesRP-Dividend L&T Emerging Busi RP-Growth
L&T Emerging Busi RP-Dividend L&T Emerging BusinDP-Growth L&T Emerging BusinDP-Dividend
L&T Equity DP-Growth L&T Equity DP-Dividend L&T Equity RP-Growth
L&T Equity RP-Dividend L&T Ind Sp Situat RP-Growth L&T Ind Sp Situat RP-Dividend
L&T Ind Sp SituatiDP-Growth L&T Ind Sp SituatiDP-Dividend L&T India LargeCapDP-Growth
L&T India LargeCapDP-Dividend L&T India LargeCapRP-Growth L&T India LargeCapRP-Dividend
L&T India Value DP-Growth L&T India Value DP-Dividend L&T India Value RP-Growth
L&T India Value RP-Dividend L&T InfrastructureDP-Growth L&T InfrastructureDP-Dividend
L&T InfrastructureRP-Growth L&T InfrastructureRP-Dividend L&T Midcap DP-Growth
L&T Midcap DP-Dividend L&T Midcap RP-Growth L&T Midcap RP-Dividend
LIC DivEqS2-Growth LIC DivEqS2-Dividend LIC DivEqS2DP-Growth
LIC DivEqS2DP-Dividend LIC Equity-Growth LIC Equity-Dividend
LIC Equity DP-Growth LIC Equity DP-Dividend LIC Growth-Growth
LIC Growth-Dividend LIC Growth DP-Growth LIC Growth DP-Dividend
LIC InfrastDP-Growth LIC InfrastDP-Dividend LIC Infrastru-Growth
LIC Infrastru-Dividend LIC MidCap-Growth LIC MidCap-Dividend
LIC MidCapD-Growth LIC MidCapD-Dividend LIC RGESS S3-Growth
L&T Long Term Adv I-Growth L&T Long Term Adv I-Dividend L&T Tax Advantage DP-Growth
L&T Tax Advantage DP-Dividend L&T Tax Advantage RP-Growth L&T Tax Advantage RP-Dividend
L&T Tax Saver-Growth L&T Tax Saver-Dividend LIC Tax-Growth
LIC Tax-Dividend LIC Tax DP-Growth LIC Tax DP-Dividend
L&T Arbitrage Opp DP-Growth L&T Arbitrage Opp DP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T Arbitrage Opp DP-Dividend-Monthly
L&T Arbitrage Opp DP-Bonus L&T Arbitrage Opp RP-Growth L&T Arbitrage Opp RP-Dividend-Quarterly
L&T Arbitrage Opp RP-Dividend-Monthly L&T Arbitrage Opp RP-Bonus L&T Dyn Equity DP-Growth
L&T Dyn Equity DP-Dividend L&T Dynamic Eq RP-Growth L&T Dynamic Eq RP-Dividend
L&T Equity SavingsDP-Growth L&T Equity SavingsDP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T Equity SavingsDP-Dividend-Monthly
L&T Equity SavingsRP-Growth L&T Equity SavingsRP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T Equity SavingsRP-Dividend-Monthly
L&T India PrudenceDP-Growth L&T India PrudenceDP-Dividend L&T India PrudenceDP-Dividend-Annual
L&T India PrudenceRP-Growth L&T India PrudenceRP-Dividend L&T India PrudenceRP-Dividend-Annual
LIC Balanced-Dividend LIC Balanced DP-Growth LIC Balanced DP-Dividend
LIC Balanced Gr-Growth LIC ULIS 5YSP-Dividend LIC ULIS5SPDP-Dividend
LIC ETF Nifty 50-Growth LIC ETF Nifty100-Growth LIC ETF Sensex-Growth
LIC Index Nifty-Growth LIC Index Nifty-Dividend LIC IndNiftDP-Growth
LIC IndNiftDP-Dividend LIC IndSensDP-Growth LIC IndSensDP-Dividend
LIC IndSensex-Growth LIC IndSensex-Dividend LIC BankFinance-Growth
LIC BankFinance-Dividend LIC BankFinDP-Growth LIC BankFinDP-Dividend
L&T Gilt InvestmenDP-Growth L&T Gilt InvestmenDP-Dividend-Quarterly L&T Gilt InvestmenRP-Growth
L&T Gilt InvestmenRP-Dividend-Quarterly LIC G-Sec-Growth LIC G-Sec-Dividend
LIC G-Sec DP-Growth LIC G-Sec DP-Dividend LIC G-Sec PF-Growth
LIC G-Sec PF-Dividend LIC GSecLTETF-Growth L&T Cash DP-Growth
L&T Cash DP-Dividend-Monthly L&T Cash DP-Dividend-Weekly L&T Cash DP-Dividend-Daily
L&T Cash RP-Growth L&T Cash RP-Dividend-Monthly L&T Cash RP-Dividend-Weekly
L&T Cash RP-Dividend-Daily L&T Liquid-Growth L&T Liquid-Dividend-Weekly
L&T Liquid-Bonus L&T Liquid DDRP-Dividend L&T Liquid DP-Growth
L&T Liquid DP-Dividend-Weekly L&T Liquid DP-Dividend-Daily LIC Liquid DP-Growth
LIC Liquid DP-Dividend LIC MF Liquid-Growth LIC MF Liquid-Dividend-Payout
LIC MF ChildreGift-Dividend LIC MF ChildreGiftDP-Dividend