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Sykes & Ray Equities is a leading brokerage firm that facilitates its customers to participate in Futures & Options Trading.

Derivatives are securities whose value is "derived" from an underlying stock, commodity or other assets. On the basis of the trading motives, participants of the derivatives markets are divided into three categories - hedgers, speculators and arbitrageurs.

At SRE, we offer derivatives trading solutions such as futures and options, providing opportunities to trade futures and options on currencies, stock index futures, and interest rates. We facilitate online platforms for trading in derivatives for all-electronic futures and options products. No matter which trading platform you choose to use, we help our valued clients in understanding derivatives market by offering fundamental as well as technical reports coupled with daily future reports and trade recommendations.

Usually, first time investors do not understand difference between futures and options. At SRE, we have dedicated team ready to assist you in understanding key concepts and aiding you in placing orders or to ask questions about your account or activity.

One of our strength is that we offer derivative trading services as a risk management tool to protect the value of client’s portfolio from adverse market movements.

Participants in Derivatives Market

Hedgers- The basic function of Futures & Option is hedging, which means minimizing the loss. Hedging should not be considered as tool for enhancement of profit, rather a process to protect the portfolio from adverse market condition.

Speculators (Traders) – Speculators use Futures & Option to take position in the market on the basis of Long or Short call (Buy or Sell). Futures & Option provides opportunity to take short position in market without having the underlying securities.

Arbitrageurs - Arbitrageurs utilize the opportunity of market imperfection. Futures & Options helps in reducing the price mismatch gap for stocks and also facilitates price discovery.

SRE F&O Services Features:

SRE makes trading in derivatives easier for you. We offer trading in derivatives instruments with around the clock support whenever the markets are open so that you can trade when it is most convenient for you and you can take advantage of trading opportunities whenever they might arise.

SRE edge:
  • Intraday calls on daily basis
  • Target and stop loss provided in each call
  • Fast, flexible order entry
  • High accuracy
  • Relevant Indian & international market updates
  • A dedicated derivatives service team to help you execute trades
  • Competitive brokerage