Financial Planning Academy™ (FPA), promoted by Sykes & Ray Equities Group, has been established to initiate an entirely new platform for disseminating Financial Planning Education to the upcoming Financial Consultants and Certified Financial PlannersCM (CFPCM) of India, the most prestigious qualification for professionals in financial services globally.

The academy's philosophy is to keep pace with the dynamic changes in the financial industry. As CFPCM is a professional qualification, we at FPA emphasize the relationship between theory and practice in providing you with the conceptual foundations and practical skills. After successfully completing the course, the students of FPA can offer financial counseling and related services pertaining to investments, insurance, retirement, tax and/or estate planning. A CFPCMfrom FPA will be a qualified professional ready to provide and implement financial recommendations. The faculty of FPA consists of noted and experienced practitioners in the financial planning industry.

The academy is an authorized education provider of the Financial Planner Standards Board, India (FPSBI) for the CFPCMprofessional education programme in India.

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