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SIP Online- Smart Investment for Convenient Future

SIP or systematic investment plans are the best way to start investing in mutual funds with small amounts.

SIPs have yielded handsome returns on investments in the last few years and have become a popular investment option. But there are still a lot of misconceptions about SIP due to lack of awareness and guidance.

What is SIP?

SIP is a fixed amount of money debited from your bank account every month/week/quarter, which is then invested in a mutual fund of your choice. Your financial planner can help you choose from the various mutual fund schemes based on your financial goals and risk appetite.

Disciplined investment in SIPs can help you accumulate considerable wealth over a period of time.

Myths Vs Fact About SIP

Myths Fact
SIP is for small investors Minimum amount is Rs 500, but there is no upper limit for investing in SIP
SIP is a market link, and you can lose money Although SIP is market linked, the chances of losing money become very less when investing over a long time in good schemes
Returns are low SIPs have shown an average return on investment of about 12-15 per cent which is higher than most of the other investment options available in the market
Too complicated for individual investors With the help of professional advisors, SIP investment is easily managed even for first time investors
You need to have knowledge about equity market SIP investments are managed by qualified fund managers. You don’t need to be an expert of the market to invest in SIP.
SIP cannot be stopped in between You can withdraw the amount after the initial lock-in period (if any) and stop the SIP whenever you wish

Invest Smartly through SIP

Investing in SIP can be one of your smartest financial decisions. Over a long period of time, SIPs have performed significantly better than other investment tools. What makes SIPs so popular and investor-friendly?

  • Power of compounding- Small amounts invested over a period of time tend to give better returns than a lump sum one-time investment.
  • Rupee cost averaging- SIP is spread over a long period, which takes into account the ups and downs of the market, thereby averaging the cost per unit and giving better returns.
  • Small amount per month- Investing a small amount per month is easier than waiting to accumulate for lump sum investments.
  • Creates an emergency fund- Small amounts set aside every month create a dependable fund for emergencies.

How to Start A SIP?

Get in touch with SRE to start SIP today. With a few basic KYC documents, you too can start SIP online.

  • Choose an amount that you wish to invest every month.
  • Select a date on which this amount will be debited from your savings bank account.
  • Select a mutual fund of your choice or ask for expert advice from SRE.

Can I increase or decrease the SIP amount or make additional lump sum investments?

You can increase the SIP amount. But, decreasing the SIP amount is not allowed. However, you can stop the SIP whenever you want and start a new SIP with a lesser amount.

You can also make additional lump sum investments in the plan if you have surplus money at any point in time.

What if I miss an installment of SIP?

Your SIP keeps running smoothly even if you miss a couple of installments. There is no penalty from the mutual fund company, but your bank may charge you ECS bouncing charges.

If you miss 3 consecutive installments, your SIP may be discontinued by the fund house if you fail to pay the penalty for not maintaining the regularity in your installments.

How do I withdraw the amount from my SIP?

You can withdraw the amount by filling out a redemption form or through online redemption request.

Like penalty on premature FD withdrawal, there may be an exit load if you withdraw funds within a stipulated time. If you wish to stop the SIP, give a cancellation request.

How can SRE help you benefit from SIP?

SRE has 30 years of experience of helping investors like you benefit from investment in SIPs. Qualified and certified mutual fund advisors from SRE help you select the best schemes based on your financial goals.

We are in touch with leading fund houses and have a widespread network for our domestic and NRI clients. SRE helps you invest in SIP through a Transparent, hassle-free and user friendly process and keeps you updated about the performance of your investment.