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If you think SRE is like every other large equity firm, think again. We are a leader in the financial-services industry, but we take a personal approach to business, an approach that starts with a face-to-face meeting between SRE Business Partners and you.

We believe that building long-term relationships with our clients is imperative to serving their needs. Having a major presence across India, we're located within the communities you work and live because that's the best way to get to know you and help you reach your financial goals and objectives.

Mutual Fund

Everyone has different financial goals like living in a dream home, having a big car, a financially protected retirement or to secure their children future etc based on their financial needs. Whatever your goals might be, mutual funds can help to meet them.

SRE focus on goal based investment planning taking into consideration the investor's time horizon and risk appetite.



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Products & Services

  • Financial Planning
  • Stock Broking
  • Margin Trading
  • Loan Against Securities*
  • Depository Services
  • Derivatives
  • Securities Lending & Borrowing
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Currency Trading
  • Investment in Global Equities -INX

As the name suggests, financial planning involves creating a structured plan for your different financial goals, long-term and short term. A lot of factors are taken into consideration in the process like the individual’s income, expenses, liabilities, etc. Your financial targets and the entire financial situation are taken into perspective and a personalised plan that is tailored to your financial goals is created.

The ultimate goal of financial planning wipes clear the stress of your finances. Be it tax planning, insurances, debt management, retirement planning or any other channel where your money flows, the process of financial planning would take everything into consideration.

With the help of financial planning, you get assistance in taking the best possible steps with your finances. Financial planning highlights areas where you can save better, spend differently or take a different approach to sort out a situation (for example, a mortgage loan or a tax-related situation).

Working with SRE for your financial planning means you’re working with the assurance of SEBI-complaint, fair, true and objective financial planning advice. Our sole aim isn’t based on reaping benefits off our clients, but being their partners at every step when they need financial help.

Stock investments often seem daunting to people. That’s why they prefer the option of stock-broking. Stock-broking allows them to buy or sell financial securities like shares, stocks and bonds with the help of a middleman (the stockbroker), in the stock market. The stockbroker acts as an agent on behalf of the client that is wishing to buy or sell the aforementioned securities.

The benefits of using a stock-broking service are plenty.

  • For starters, you get away from the stress of managing all the necessary documentation related to a stock investment like administrative paperwork and record-keeping.
  • Moreover, another benefit is that the professional that would be handling your securities has access to guidance from the experts that are renowned in the finance industry.

Your agent not only works for you but also informs and guides you about how the market works and about all the risks, benefits, drawbacks, that are associated with it.

SRE’s stock-broking services ensure that each investment would be carried out in a secure and sophisticated way. Our aim is to provide our customers with financial freedom instead of just selling them stocks like any other firm in the market.

Quite similar to the share market, there’s a commodity market in which you could do trading of goods. Goods could be agricultural (like wheat, rice), metals (like gold, silver, etc.), or energy sources (like oil, natural gas, wind power). In simple words, these commodities could be traded with other commodities, which we call, commodity trading.

Commodities are often called dicey because of the complex and volatile nature of them. However, if planned well, commodity investment could brighten up your portfolio.

There are a lot of benefits of commodity trading. Some of the major ones are mentioned below:

  • Diversification: Commodities add the dimension of diversity to your portfolio. Their returns usually have an almost negligible correlation with your other asset classes.
  • Liquidity: Contrary to investment assets, investments in commodities have a high scope of liquidity. Commodities are easy to buy or sell; hence, the investor can liquidate whenever required.
  • Safe from event risk: When natural calamities or economic crisis manifest, an investor’s financial assets like bonds and stocks suffer, but commodities usually stay unaffected.
  • Safe from inflation: Fall in the currency during inflation might bring you stocks’ values down but Commodities could maintain their values even during inflation.

At SRE, our clients get the luxury of participating and trading in commodity futures with both major commodity exchanges in India, NCDEX and MCX. We even assist beginners with tutorials. Our suggestion usually, is to first invest with the help of an experienced commodity broker before our clients begin trading on their own.

Margin trading in the stock market refers to the scenario in which you can more stocks than your budget allows. Which means, for instance, let’s say a stock’s value is X=A+B, where A and B are different stock prices. And suppose you only have B amount. Margin trading allows you to buy X by lending you an amount.

The process of attaining the benefits of marginal trading involves opening a margin account first. And more importantly, there’s a certain amount that you must pay to your broker upfront, which is called minimum margin.

Margin trading has a lot of offerings that entice investors. Some of those benefits are:

  • Flexibility in trading: Buying stocks that are over your budget give you the advantage of reaping the benefits of timely opportunities that the market presents.
  • Convenient financing option: You could finance as per your needs without the need for extra paperwork.
  • Diversification: In case you hold a concentrated stock position, margin trading could diversify your portfolio.

By thoroughly analyzing your investment appetite and your financial situation, SRE team would provide you counselling regarding the capacity of marginal trading that would keep your boat smooth-sailing without any potential danger.

Loans against securities mean you’re using securities as collateral for the loan you’re borrowing from the bank. The securities pledged could be shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Loan against securities is usually reckoned when the investor is trying to meet their short-term requirement of funds. However, the interest rate is usually 3-4% greater than home loans—hence, the notion of short-term requirement.

Loan against securities is usually considered a pretty great option in the market. Out of all of its benefits, the following are some of the most significant ones:

  • Flexibility of use: They work quite similarly to personal loans as they could be put into use for almost anything. The fact that the interest rate could be lower than what you would get in a personal loan, loan against securities always appear as a lucrative option.
  • Instant liquidity: As the need for these loans comes usually in an unexpected or sudden situation, instant liquidity proves to be a great benefit in such cases.
  • Not losing the value of your shares: This is arguably the most significant benefit of loan against securities. Your securities aren’t transferred to the lender, they still stay with you and you keep getting the benefits of them.

Working with SRE allows hassle-free instant liquidity to ensure a smooth process borrowing loan. Professionals at SRE analyse your finances and serve you with the best possible options to liquidate your securities.

A depository is an organization that holds different securities of an investor in electronic form—shares, bonds, government securities, debentures, to name a few.

The interaction between a depository and its investor takes through Depository Participants. Investors’ accounts (called Demat accounts) are maintained by depository participants. Demat accounts are similar to Savings Bank/Current accounts. Transactions related to the securities (trading and sale) are done using Demat account.

The interaction between a depository and its investor takes through Depository Participants. Investors’ accounts (called Demat accounts) are maintained by depository participants. Demat accounts are similar to Savings Bank/Current accounts. Transactions related to the securities (trading and sale) are done using Demat account.

Some of the key features of our depository services are:

Automated Pay-In Facility

  • Access information from wherever you want.
  • Quarterly Demat statements.
  • Statements on demand.
  • View Demat A/C statement online.
  • SMS confirmations.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits by Registering with Us

  • No risk of issues like theft, loss, mutilation or wrong transfer of share certificates.
  • Hassle-free automated pay-in of your sell obligation with no need for physical instruction.
  • Easy to avail with minimum paperwork.
  • Fast depositary settlement process
  • Extended branch coverage to a wide network.
  • Personalized advice from supporting team.
  • Access to extra transaction statement and holding statement without extra charge.

Working with SRE allows hassle-free instant liquidity to ensure a smooth process borrowing loan. Professionals at SRE analyse your finances and serve you with the best possible options to liquidate your securities.

Derivatives are financial agreements that obtain their value from an underlying asset. These assets could be indices, stocks, currencies, commodities, exchange rates or rate of interest. Reasons for an arrangement like this could be a function of many factors. Usually, it is because of the volatility in the nature of the prices of the underlying assets, increased understanding of the participants in the market, and the presence of better tools for risk management in the market as the time grows.

Derivatives are often regarded as complex financial instruments in nature and could be put to use for a variety of purposes like getting access to additional markets or assets, and hedging.

  • For matters related to hedging risk exposure: Primarily, these agreements are used for hedging risks as the value of the derivative is associated with the value of the underlying asset.
  • Market efficiency: Derivative contracts help individuals to replicate the payoff of their assets. Due to this, the price of the derivatives associated with the underlying assets tends to be in equilibrium in order to avoid arbitrage opportunities.
  • Price determination for the underlying assets: Derivatives help in defining the prices of the underlying assets.

SRE ensures each client gets the best possible derivatives of their underlying assets so that the people on both ends, buying and selling, end up in a content state of mind.

Securities lending and borrowing are short term lending of securities given by a lender to a borrower at a certain fee. This mechanism is usually for the investors who have stocks in their Demat account and do not wish to sell them, they could lend these stocks for a stipulated period of time at a given fee.

This mechanism sparks efficiency in the market by increasing liquidity. There is no minimum limit set to the amount that could be put for lending. SLB mechanism is an easy way to earn additional income over idle stocks with little risk of default. It works to settle transactions when they are supposed to be settled by referring to automated securities lending.

At SRE, clients are sure to get a proficiently managed lending service after market evaluation to increase the opportunities at hand for both the lenders as well as borrowers. SRE keeps a constant check on the daily administration of loans making it easier for customers to be a part of the decision making process.

Few of the various functions performed by SRE include:

  • Assessing the market
  • Monitoring and Managing Corporate Actions
  • Checking the adequacy of collateral
  • Income collection

Portfolio Management refers to the process of analyzing the stock market with the specific need of the investor to formulate a plan tailored to the requirement at hand. In simple words, it is the activity of taking a decision pertaining to investment and policy by mixing and matching investment to its objective or purpose, asset allotment, while at the same time balancing risk with the performance of the asset.

Portfolio Management could be passive or active in nature depending on the risk appetite of the individual. Active portfolio management tries to beat the market return by identifying the value of assets and participating in short term trades. Passive portfolio management, on the other hand, tracks a broad market. Portfolio Management could be discretionary in nature wherein it on the discretion of the fund manager that investment takes place, or non-discretionary wherein the fund manager could only suggest investment options to the client.

The key benefits of these services are

  • Customized asset allocation
  • Diversification
  • Monitoring and optimizing one’s portfolio
  • Minimizing risk through thorough research by a team of experts
  • Rebalancing the proportion of investment in different markets

Here at SRE, we analyze the financial appetite of the client based on their situation and offer them the best possible suggestions to bolster their portfolios. The above mentioned functions are performed by customizing the experience to match the needs of each client. SRE gives priority to clients by consulting them at every step with regard to the goals that they wish to achieve.

Currency trading is another alternative for the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX). There is no standard payment against which a commodity is traded, instead, this type of trading involves one party purchasing a quantity of one currency in exchange for another. Being the largest investment market in the world, it is important as it is helpful for hedging your foreign exchange risk.

Many stock traders are moving towards currency market as factors that influence the stock market also influence the currency market (supply and demand). Currency Rates are affected by various other factors such as geopolitical tensions, economic growth and data of countries. SRE India is one of the leading & experienced trading members of NSE and BSE Currency Segment.

Recognized by clients for the quality of its research and execution, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services across the foreign currency market. SRE provides a team of highly qualified professionals assists investors in foreign currency trading in a seamless manner. Whether it is planning for currency hedging or opting for a strategy for import and export position hedge of currency, we are just one click away to manage your currency risk.

SRE provides user-friendly online currency trading systems, helps in opening currency trading account, helps in planning strategy for currency hedging, streams quotes, prepares regular research reports on currency, provides 24*7 web-enabled office and a centralized help desk to render hassle-free service to our clients.

Invest in Global Equities !
BSE’s India INX Global Access IFSC Ltd.

Sykes and Ray Equities (I) Ltd providing trading platforms of India INX Global markets for Resident Indian Clients. Trade on multiple exchanges through single integrated terminal

Every investor doesn’t fancy the idea of participating in the marketing directly to reap the benefits of their securities. Such investor shake hands with the investment instrument called mutual funds.

In mutual funds, an investor’s money is managed by professionals who are well-versed in the stock market. This takes away the stress of researching and analyzing from the investor and also saves their time.

Mutual funds could differ on the basis of the requirements and objectives of the investor. SRE distributes different types of such funds and some of them are Open & Closed-ended funds, Tax saving funds, Equity funds, and Growth funds etc.

Mutual funds are often considered safe as compared to other investment options because of the variety of choice of exposure to different asset classes and sectors according to the risk profile.

Here are the benefits Mutual funds would give you when you’d work with SRE:

  • Diverse Portfolio: As there’s a wide diversity of options— Equity funds, bond funds, sector funds, money market mutual funds and balanced fund, to name a few—it gives investors an opportunity to build a diversified portfolio even with small investments.
  • Managed professionally by SRE’s highly skilled and qualified professionals: The funds of the investors are managed by professionals that invest according to the objective and risk profile.
  • Relatively safer investments: Although it goes without saying that mutual funds are subject to market risks, yet, it’s often a safer mode of investment.

SRE has a dedicated mutual fund desk which allows us to put special attention and focus on each of our client’s investments. We take pride in our team’s excellent track record in terms of client satisfaction and offering them personalized investment plans that are tailored to their preferences.

As more and more of our modern-day services are jumping onto online and mobile platforms, Internet and mobile trading have become massively popular over the last decade. The simple and convenient nature of the trading encourages traders to prefer these platforms over the conventional ones.

SRE offers a lot of online stock trading options like trading on BSE/NSE, cash market trading and derivatives trading.

We provide our customers with a highly secured trading platform which is authenticated by multiple layers of industry-standard protocols.

Here are some unique factors which separate SRE India from others:

  • Unique online products tailored for traders and investors
  • Real-time rate updates
  • Regular Flow of Industry news and development
  • Intra-day calls, historical charts and technical tools
  • Online research reports

The SRE India Advantage

  • One of the Best Retail Broking House with a large distribution network
  • Highly skilled and dedicated research team
  • Efficient and personalized client servicing
  • Strong risk management
  • E-broking & back-office software training
  • Technical tools and research
  • 24x7 Web-enabled Back Office

In mobile trading, our trading app (SRE trading application) provides its users with real-time insights into the prices of the stocks and research generating premium stock ideas to further add value.

SRE’s remarkable institutional desk offers great insights and valuable research that help an institution to cross-sell its products and understand the needs of a potential investor. Our reputation in the market is born out of the principles we work while working with the institutions to serve their needs for investments.

We offer a great deal of transparency along with the sheer confidentiality which ensures the faith of our clients in our services. Our organization thrives on the idea of becoming a one-stop-shop for all the investment-related needs for our institutional clients.

With the luxury of the BSE and NSE memberships, our institutional clients get the tools and facilities to perform and execute any kind of trading in the Indian Equity markets.

Benefits of working with SRE

  • Highly experienced, skilled and talented sales teams
  • Institutional broking covers various sectors including Pharma, Telecom, Construction, FMCG, Media, Auto, Hotel etc
  • Dealing capabilities on the NSE, BSE and in the cash and derivatives segment
  • Access to a large global network to serve the needs of corporate houses and financial institutions.

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a process when a private corporation decides to offer its shares to the public investors, in a new stock issuance. IPO is usually a major step for an organization. The process of public share issuance opens doors for public investors to buy shares in the company. IPO not only benefits the organization but also benefits its private investors.

The process of IPO generally takes place at the stage when a company’s growth reaches a point where they believe they’re well-capable of complying with the rigours of SEC regulations and properly handling public shareholders with responsibility. The stage is usually the point when the company hits a $1 billion mark, which also goes by the name of unicorn status.

IPO has loads of benefits, some of them are:

  • Fundraising: IPO opens doors for more investment opportunities, which transforms the growth trajectory of the company significantly.
  • Credibility: If a company comes out publicly to offer its share, it’s more or less a display of their faith in their organization and trust in its products.
  • Reduced cost capitals: Life of a company before IPO is a bit difficult as their cost capitals are often higher, comparatively—for example, a high rate of interest on loans. IPO makes it easier to receive additional capital.

SRE plans the entire process IPO for the company by guiding them with the right procedure and also educating them about the benefits of IPO, the potential downsides and how the market could react to the issuance.

NRI investments have played a significant part in fostering the growth of Indian Economy over many years. The realms of gold, stock markets, real estate often experience a major traction from the NRIs. The investment avenues for NRIs are more or less similar to the ones for resident Indians. Due to the untapped potential of Indian market and its stability, they are considered to be safer investment options in comparison to global economies.

SRE has made trading very convenient to the Indians living abroad as a plethora of online trading facilities are offered to them. Some of the financial instruments made available to the NRIs by SRE include mutual fund investments, shares and debentures. So, placing an order is no rocket science for the NRIs now—as they can do it without having a profound understanding of the market, thankfully.

SRE Offers Following Services to the NRIs

  • Effective advice and complete assistance to NRI and PIO clients
  • Dedicated supporting staff versed with offline & online trading platform
  • Depository services with Pan card assistance & complete insurance solutions
  • NRI investment advisory desk for NRI & PIO investors
  • IPO and mutual funds

Foreign Portfolio Investment takes place when an individual settled outside India wishes to invest in the Indian market, that is, holding of financial assets and securities by an investor settled outside India.

The term Portfolio Management refers to the investment of securities in a portfolio with the expectation of earning a return. In an FPI, an investor may not be directly holding the assets of the business they have invested in. They may not have direct control over it or may not actively manage it, contrary to Foreign Direct Investment, which allows an investor to invest directly into business abroad.

At SRE, clients are offered investment advisory services on foreign direct investment in the Indian capital markets and other services to foreign investors (FPI) with the primary objective of superior returns, risk minimization and portfolio diversification. With the new liberalized policy for foreign investment in India

SRE offers personalized services, such as:

  • Personalized communication between investor and relationship managers
  • Services desk for personalized assistance to Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI)
  • Regular support with effective investment advice to the investors by supporting staffs.

Prior to investment, advice on the key areas of such investment is extremely important to facilitate the process in a clear and fluent manner. The process of plan evaluation based on the unique investment needs along with its implementation has to be charted out first.

Invest Advisory Services has multifold advantages: Correct utilization of finances, tailored to specific needs of an individual, product diversity, sound investment strategy, analyzing prospective risks on the basis of market fluctuations, constant check on the market and regular updates.

At SRE, we follow the principle of ‘right solution for your precious wealth’. SRE offers professional Investment Advisory Services to our clients, based on three fundamentals - knowledge-led people, best practice processes and need-based investment solutions. The team of experienced investment advisors creates a customized portfolio for an individual on the basis of various investment tools such as equities, debentures, bonds, etc pertaining to the risk-taking capacity of the investor. Portfolio tracker software helps to manage stock portfolios to get maximum profits with minimum risks.

SRE offers the best in class Investment Advisory Services which includes:

  • Financial Planning to attain desirable financial goal
  • Portfolio diversification to hedge equity risks
  • Managing risk profile depending on investment objective
  • Reviewing & rebalancing of investment using special calculators

Financial Planning Academy™ (FPA), promoted by Sykes & Ray Equities Group, has been established to initiate an entirely new platform for disseminating Financial Planning Education to the upcoming Financial Consultants and Certified Financial PlannersCM (CFPCM) of India, the most prestigious qualification for professionals in financial services globally.

The academy's philosophy is to keep pace with the dynamic changes in the financial industry. As CFPCM is a professional qualification, we at FPA emphasize the relationship between theory and practice in providing you with the conceptual foundations and practical skills. After successfully completing the course, the students of FPA can offer financial counseling and related services pertaining to investments, insurance, retirement, tax and/or estate planning. A CFPCMfrom FPA will be a qualified professional ready to provide and implement financial recommendations. The faculty of FPA consists of noted and experienced practitioners in the financial planning industry.

The academy is an authorized education provider of the Financial Planner Standards Board, India (FPSBI) for the CFPCMprofessional education programme in India.

For more information on the Financial Planning Academy please visit our website at

Debentures and Bonds come under the garb of debt instruments. These are long term debt instruments wherein a loan is given by the investor to the borrower on the assurance of payment of the principal sum along with the interest by the end of the maturity date. These are generally considered to be relatively safe investment modes especially in case of big corporations and government organizations as lenders. There are categories of debentures which cater to investors on the basis of their risk-taking appetite. The interest paid on these debentures, therefore, could be fixed as well as floating. Debentures are also sometimes known as revenue bonds, on the account of the earnings generated from the venture investors financed. Bonds, on the other hand, are viewed as a safer investment option with little default risk, these carry individual credit rating for more clarification and assurance.

There are four broad categories of bonds in India:

  • Corporate bonds: As the name suggests, these bonds are issued by corporations or private companies, these could lead to low returns or unsecured leading to high returns.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions Bonds: Specialized banks such as IDBI and NABARD among the others also offer bonds.
  • GoI Bonds: Institutions or PSUs also offer bonds at lower interest rates than corporate bonds.
  • Tax Saving Bonds: Investment in these bonds leads to tax exemption under 80C of the IT Act, 1961.

SRE providing the expert view
At SRE, we deal with a plethora of bonds and debentures such as Rural Electrification Corporation Bonds, National Highway Authority of India Bonds and Non-Convertible Debentures etc. After assessing the client’s attitude and requirements towards investing, the experts at SRE create specialized plans to match those requirements, furthermore, guidelines for such investments are also provided to the clients to ease their way into investing in bonds and debentures.

Insurance is a form of hedging. It covers the financial loss for you, your dependents or your assets against an unforeseen event. It’s a method of ensuring that in case an unexpected unfortunate event takes place, the present and future financial wellbeing or financial support received from the insured is not compromised.

There is a legal contract between the insurer (company) and the insured (individual), known as the insurance policy which entails the terms and conditions on the happening of which the insurer would have to indemnify the insured or his nominees.

There are different types of insurances catering to specific purposes.

  • Life insurances which are the cornerstone of financial security for you and your family. These cover the loss of an earning member in case of their death.
  • General insurance is focused on ensuring valuable other than life. This type of insurance usually covers the insurance against damage, loss or theft of any insured valuables.

Apart from financial reimbursement, insurance also offers income tax benefits, as certain types of insurance come under the ambit of claims leading onto tax deductions.

Insure your needs with SRE

At SRE, clients are offered professionally created insurance section that would cater to their insurance needs. We provide instant access to all types of insurance policies while keeping a track of the ULIP. Our clients will be able to plan for their insurance hassle-free by comparing various insurance plans.

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  • Internet/Mobile Trading
  • Institutional Broking
  • IPO
  • NRI Services
  • Foreign Portfolio Investment Services
  • Investment Advisory Services *
  • Education*
  • Debentures & Bonds
  • Insurance*

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