Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services

If you are planning to invest in stock market, the first and foremost thing you need to consider is the best Investment Advises. SRE have been a SEBI registered Portfolio Manager since August 2008 vide registration number INP000002866. With promulgation of SEBI (Investment Advisors) Regulations, 2013 the Portfolio Managers intending to do investment advisory services have been excluded from registration or renewal as Portfolio Managers vide clause 4(g) of aforesaid regulations and accordingly SRE surrendered its registration certificate in July 2014.

At Sykes & Ray Equities (SRE), we follow one principle, ‘right solution for your precious wealth’, with an objective to maximize your wealth. We offer professional Investment Advisory Services to our clients, based on three fundamentals - knowledge-led people, best practice processes and need based investment solutions.

SRE adopts highly customized tool which helps you in selecting the best from the basket of investment options best suited in the current market scenario and also helps you in averting risk factors with optimum tax efficient returns. SRE has a team of experienced Investment Advisors, who are equipped to design a customized investment portfolio across various investment opportunities like Equities, Fixed Deposits, Bonds etc., in sync with your unique needs and investable fund. As we all know, portfolio investment mainly depends on current economic factors and the characteristics of individual investors. Most of us, who have a passion towards investing in equity market, need to keep a track of their portfolio on a regular basis. With our Portfolio Tracker software you shall be able to better manage your stock portfolios to get the maximum profit with minimum risks. We fully help you in this highly dynamic process, as re-evaluation of investment plans is done continuously whenever market value changes even in personal meetings with our advisors. With years of experience and research expertise, SRE offers the best in class Investment Advisory Services which includes:

  • Financial Planning to achieve desired goal
  • Diversification of portfolio for hedging risk in equity
  • Risk profiling based on Investment Objective.
  • Reviewing and rebalancing stock options
  • Easy to understand investment philosophy
  • Tools to review investment

Investing in stock market have a certain degree of risks and the returns are not evenly distributed. That is why it is important to have a diversified equity portfolio with long term horizon. At SRE India, we bring together a comprehensive knowledge base with over two decades of experience to offer best Investment Advisory Services for our clients. Our dedicated advisors design personalized investment strategies for our clients by listening to them and understanding their financial goals and objectives. Every individual has their own specific financial objectives and expectations based on their risk taking capabilities. If you are planning to invest in equity, all you need to do is to define investment objective of Stock portfolio, which involves activities that help investors in reducing risks in investment. A balanced equity portfolio ensures optimum use of money in different stocks based on micro and macro scenario of companies. In short, it is the art of optimizing assets and raising the worth of a portfolio with all benefit of taxation planning, which our advisors do. You have only to follow their advises and invest accordingly. At SRE, we help you in taking the best investment decisions. Benefits at SRE India

  • Outlook and updates on specific sectors
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly performance reports and recommendations
  • Advisors view on various investment avenues like Equities, Debts, Bonds etc.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manages for investment related queries
  • Best switch-in and switch-out strategies are advised as per client's fund requirements

Managing investment portfolios is a complex process, and especially if you are new to investing in stocks. SRE has a team of Expert Investment Advisors that can help you manage your funds based on your needs and risk profile to maximise your returns and grow your wealth. At SRE, we offer investment solutions and advisory on a competitive fee, based on your portfolio.

So, if you wish to open an account with Sykes & Ray Equities, get in touch with us today.