Financial Planning

Make Your Financial Goals a Reality with our Financial Planning

Like everyone else, you too would have certain dreams of things that you would like to achieve during your lifetime. These could range from a home of your own and a comfortable retirement to sending your children abroad for providing them with quality education or going for a world tour with your family.

However, all such dreams have a price. You would need to determine what the market price of your dream home would be, the exact amount required for you to retire comfortably, the fees charged by the higher educational institution where you want to send your children to, and the price of the world tour package that you want to avail of.

When you quantify your dreams in terms of money, you have a financial goal. The process of achieving those financial goals by taking into account your current financial position and future potential income is known as financial planning.

What Is Financial Planning?

Financial planning begins with understanding what your financial goals are. The next step in financial planning would be assessing your current financial situations in terms of your assets, liabilities, income, and expenditure. This will help in ascertaining the gap between where you are today and where you need to be in the future.

How Can Financial Planning Help Me?

You may know the value of your financial goals, but do you know how to reach them? SRE’s financial advisory services will create a customized roadmap for you which will help you in realizing your financial goals.

For a financial plan to be successful, your goals need to be SMART which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

  • Specific
    You need to be able to specify what you wish to achieve or buy with your savings. An example of a specific goal be 'I want a flat in Bandra in Mumbai.'
  • Measurable
    You should be able to quantify the value of the goal in rupee terms. For example, 'I need to make a down payment of Rs. 10 lakhs for the flat.'
  • Attainable
    You should clearly be able to state the steps for achieving the goal. For example 'I need to save and invest Rs. 18,000/- every month from my salary.'
  • Relevant
    The goal must be on your priority list. For example, 'I don't want to live in a rented flat anymore, I want my own flat.'
  • Time-Bound
    The duration of your goal is important. For example, 'Saving Rs. 18000/- per month for 4 years or 48 months.'
Financial planning can help you in the following ways
  • Cash Flow Analysis
    The starting point of financial planning is analyzing your present cash flow. Cash flow is the difference between your monthly income and expenses. You need to know where every rupee you earn is spent. If you don't have a budget, savings and investments will be impossible.
  • Understanding Debt
    Sometimes, you might be tempted to use credit cards or personal loans to finance your purchases. Often, these impulsive purchases upset your financial goals.
  • Strategic Investing
    You need to ask yourself if your investment portfolio will help in achieving your goals. You would require the right financial products, the right asset allocation (the right mix of different asset classes like equity, debt, and gold) and time horizon. Understanding your risk appetite or your ability to take risk is also important.
  • Adequate Protection
    All your financial goals will fail if you don't protect them. Life is uncertain, and to protect your family and ensure that they maintain a proper lifestyle in your absence, the right insurance cover is essential. So, you need the right life and health insurance cover after analyzing your current financial situations.

Why Choose SRE for Your Financial Advisor

Here are some of the reasons why you can choose SRE as your financial planning partner:

  • Rich experience
    SRE has more than 30 years of experience in the field of financial services
  • Client centric plans
    Our advice is not biased by commissions or brokerage but based on client goals and risk appetite
  • Qualified professionals
    We have a team of Certified Financial Planners who prepare your financial plans.

So, if you want a customized financial plan to achieve your financial goals, get in touch with us today.