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Company NameIssue TypeOffer PriceNSE Curr.Price()BSE Curr.Price()Issue OpenIssue Close
A G Universal Ltd. Public Issue 6060--11/04/202313/04/2023
Aatmaj Healthcare Ltd. Public Issue 6046.1--19/06/202321/06/2023
AccelerateBS India Ltd. Public Cum Offer...90--219.506/07/202311/07/2023
Adani Enterprises Ltd. FPO - Book Build...32762475.252473.2527/01/202331/01/2023
Aeroflex Industries Ltd. Public Cum Offer...108150.85150.922/08/202324/08/2023
Agarwal Float Glass India L... Public Issue 4240--10/02/202315/02/2023
Ahasolar Technologies Ltd. Public Issue 157--30010/07/202313/07/2023
Akanksha Power and Infrastr... Public Issue 45----29/09/202304/10/2023
Alphalogic Industries Ltd. Public Issue 96--198.8503/07/202306/07/2023
Amanaya Ventures Ltd. Public Issue 23--12.4224/02/202328/02/2023
Arabian Petroleum Ltd. Public Issue 70----25/09/202327/09/2023
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifesci... Public Issue 7274.5--16/01/202319/01/2023
Asarfi Hospital Ltd. Public Issue 52--103.117/07/202319/07/2023
Auro Impex & Chemicals Ltd. Public Cum Offer...7866.1--11/05/202315/05/2023
Avalon Technologies Ltd. Public Cum Offer...436560.9561.1503/04/202306/04/2023
Basilic Fly Studio Ltd. Public Cum Offer...97286.95--01/09/202305/09/2023
Bizotic Commercial Ltd. Public Issue 175--58.8112/06/202315/06/2023
Bondada Engineering Ltd. Public Issue 75--167.1518/08/202322/08/2023
Bright Outdoor Media Ltd. Public Issue 146--44514/03/202317/03/2023
Canarys Automations Ltd. Public Issue 31----27/09/202303/10/2023
Cell Point (India) Ltd. Public Issue 10051.35--15/06/202320/06/2023
Cellecor Gadgets Ltd. Public Issue 9296.6--15/09/202320/09/2023
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