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You can view the list of companies which have delisted from the exchange.

Company NameDateRemarks
Atlanta Devcon 10/04/2024Compulsory Delisting
Bodhtree Consulting 14/02/2024No-dealings on a/c of RP / Capital Reduction
Canopy Finance 15/03/2024No-dealings on a/c of SoA with Purple Finance Ltd.
CLC Industries 12/01/2024No-dealings on a/c of RP / Capital Reduction
Covidh Technologies 22/03/2024Sus. on a/c of Resolution plan / Capital reduction
Crazy Infra & Infom 10/04/2024Compulsory Delisting
East India Drums 28/02/2024No-dealings on a/c of RP / Capital Reduction
Eastern Silk Indust. 07/03/2024No-dealings on a/c of Resolution Plan
Galada Power & T 01/09/2023No-dealings on a/c of RP / Capital Reduction
Global Knitfab L 10/04/2024Compulsory Delisting
Guj. Foils 31/05/2023De-listed pursuant to the NCLT order dt:01/02/2023
Gujarat Metallic 18/03/2024Sus. on a/c of Commen. of Liquidation process
HDFC 13/07/2023No-dealings on a/c of SoA with HDFC Bank
IMP Powers 29/12/2023Susended on a/c of commenc. of liquidation process
J L Morison (India) 09/06/2023De-listed pursuant to the SEBI Regulations, 2021
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