Debentures & Bonds

Debentures & Bonds

Debentures and Bonds are debt instruments which guarantee to repay the principal of the loan plus interest to the bondholder. They are considered to be long-term debt and have to be paid back by their maturity date.

They are considerably safe investment instruments, especially if you're going to stay with high-quality lenders, whether it's big corporations or the government. Investing in bonds and debentures is advisable for investors who have a very low risk appetite. They offer a fixed rate of return on maturity and are independent of market fluctuations.

SRE deals with all kinds of bonds and debentures such as Rural Electrification Corporation Bonds, National Highway Authority of India Bonds and Non-Convertible Debentures etc. The experts in SRE also provide guidelines to invest in bonds and debentures, catering to our client's requirements and attitude towards investing.

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