Buy Insurance Online to Protect Your Dreams

The only thing certain in our lives is risk! All our financial plans are subject to risk, whether it be our financial goals or our business.

Risks upset our financial plan, but the good news is that we can protect it from risk. The challenges are many, and the solution is one - insurance!

What is Insurance?

Insurance, whether it is life, non-life, health, or commercial, provides you with a risk cover that protects you and your family from unforeseen financial mishaps.

Insurance is provided by an insurer, which could be a private or public entity. You can buy insurance online to protect yourself from these risks. In order to provide you with this protection, insurers charge you a premium.

The main types of insurance are:

  • Life Insurance

    This is meant to protect your family in your absence. It is calculated on the basis of either your total monthly expenses or your annual income.

    Term or pure insurance is an example of life insurance, and it has no maturity value. It is pure protection.


    Mr Amit Trivedi is a 28-year old accounting professional who is married with a 2-year old daughter. With the help of an insurance advisor, he calculates that the term insurance he needs would be INR 1 crore.

    He pays a premium of INR 5,578 annually. Two years later, Mr Trivedi dies in an accident. His wife will get a sum of INR 1 crore from the insurance company.

  • Non-life Insurance

    Your assets, such as buildings, equipment, machinery, vehicle or furniture, are protected from the risk of fire, theft, accidents, or earthquake.


    Mr Harsh Bedi took a replacement fire insurance policy for his office building for INR 10 lakhs. A week later, his building caught fire. The insurance company will now pay Mr Bedi INR 10 lakhs.

  • Health Insurance

    This provides you with protection in the event of hospitalisation due to certain medical ailments. The cost of hospital stay, surgeries, medication, pre, and post hospitalisation are covered subject to certain limits.


    Mr Akash Kapoor, 30, bought a health insurance cover for INR 10 lakhs. After 3 years, Mr Kapoor had an accident and had to undergo knee surgery. The cost of hospitalisation was INR 9.5 lakhs. The insurer will reimburse this.

  • Commercial Insurance

    Losses which occur due to property damage or employee injury are covered under this form of insurance.


    Mr. Harish Lakhotia had to pay for the treatment of an employee who was electrocuted in his factory. His commercial insurance covered it.

How Can an Insurance Advisor Help Me?

An insurance advisor can help you in the following ways:

  • Choosing the right policy: Insurance policies are complex products. A professionally qualified advisor will ensure that you choose the right policy, which will help in recovering your financial losses and will also help in the application process.
  • Claim process: Your advisor will ensure that you follow the right procedure, so your claim is admitted
  • Premium payments: You will be given timely reminders, so you don't default on premium payments, thereby leading to policy lapses.
  • Calculation of cover required: Your advisor will help you in estimating the right life or health insurance cover you require.

Mr Amit Jain is a 30-year old businessman with hypertension. He wants to buy health insurance cover for INR 15 lakhs. The insurance advisor ensures that Mr Jain mentions this in the application form along with the medications taken.

Four years later, Mr Jain required bypass surgery costing INR 4 lakhs, and the insurer paid it. Mr Jain's claim was admitted because the advisor ensured he disclosed his disease.

SRE Insurance Advisory Services for the Best Insurance Cover

With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, SRE also provides insurance advisory services. We do not sell any insurance products.

Our team of insurance advisor associates will help connect you with the best insurance plans in every category at the best rates.

They will assist you in calculating the right cover, and also provide you with competitive premium options offered by various insurers.

If you want to protect your financial goals through insurance, get in touch with us today!