Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services

Investing is both an Art and Science. Every individual has their own specific financial objectives and expectations based on their risk taking capabilities. Regardless of the money involved, everyone desires capital protection and generation of positive returns. It’s the function of the Portfolio manager to manage all the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds of clients considering their personal investment goals and risk preferences.

Successful Investing demands a huge amount of expertise and time. In today’s fast paced, developing world, many investment opportunities constantly present themselves. To keep pace with the constantly changing investment environment a professional fund manager is a necessity.

Investing in equities is not a one time event, nor is it as straight forward as putting money in a bank or fixed deposit. Equity investments offer the upside of an estimable amount of returns; but are subject to Risk & Volatility. Depending on the changing risk environment and emerging Investment opportunities, investments need to be continuously Monitored and strategies formed accordingly. The idea behind Portfolio Management is to overcome the pace of change in business landscape and provide investment avenues to stay ahead of the risk return curve and Outperform the benchmarks over a period of time.

Our Portfolio Management Services with dedicated Equity Research, Fund management, Relationship Managers and technology, ensures a rewarding experience for its clients.

Salient Features of SRE’s Portfolio Management Service:

  • Expert team of Research Analysts.
  • Stock Picking done by the Investment Committee.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Technology and Service driven Back-Office.

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SRE P/E Shield–Strategy that outperformed the benchmark last 13 years

SRE P/E Shield is designed to provide investors with a simple investment solution to generate long term capital appreciation. The primary objective being to Outperform the market index.

SRE P/E Shield is a dynamic portfolio which seeks to maximize investment opportunities arising from market ups and downs by rebalancing the portfolio between underlying equity and debt funds based on the Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio of the index.


  • Proprietary quantitative model based on PE ratio of the S&P CNX Nifty Index.
  • Sharpe ratio of PE Shield is higher than the S&P CNX Nifty Index (Higher return for a unit of risk).
  • Investment across diversified sector to minimize the risk of over-concentration.
  • Tested across various market cycles and time horizons for reliability.
  • Integrated and effective risk management process.
  • Comprehensive performance reporting and transparent communication.

SRE Ignited Ideas - Wealth Builder Fund–Maximize Wealth + Manage Risk

The strategy invests in mix of large-cap and mid-cap stocks. It looks at investing from a long term perspective and focuses primarily on the business of the company. The intent is to create wealth by minimizing risk and optimizing returns over period of time.

The strategy seeks to generate capital appreciation, from a portfolio that is substantially constituted of Equity securities/Equity related securities, listed in India and Money Market Instruments.


  • Portfolio constitutes of large-cap and mid-cap companies, wherein companies are expected to have high earnings growth prospects and consequently cherry picked for investments.
  • Strategy is to follow bottoms up approach to investing and invest in companies on a case to case basis
  • A mix of large and mid-cap companies helps to reduce risk, however equity investing is subject to price volatility at all times.

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